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Residential DSL
All Residential DSL Plans include:
24/7 unlimited Internet access
Static protected IP address
2 email accounts
25MB server space
Phone and email technical support
Optional home office package

My local phone company is...
DSL Connection Speed (download/upload) Price*
256k / 256k (Fast) $33.00/month
1.5Mb / 896k (Faster) $48.00/month
5-7Mb / 896k (Fastest) - NEW! $67.99/month
* Includes both telco and ISP monthly charges. Prices subject to change. Other Costs:
Actiontec PK5000 - $8/mo rental or $99.99
CenturyLink Activation - $99.00
DSL Northwest Activation - $20
Standalone (no voice service) - additional $5/month

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